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A la carte monitoring of your strategic customers

Being vigilant becomes easy

At 2R Conseil, we consider that whatever the size of your company and the number of customers to monitor, it is necessary to offer you a simple and inexpensive solution.

You send us the companies to be placed under surveillance with their:

  • Social reason
  • Full address
  • Siret number if known (maximum 250)

If the Siret is not known, we look for it (subject to additional invoicing).

We integrate your customers into our tool by setting the type of alerts you want.

As soon as an event occurs, we send you an email alert on D+1 with the reason or the BODACC announcement.

Example of a concrete case of monitoring your customers and partners

You work with merchants such as restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies.

In the event of transfer of the business, you will immediately receive the announcement in the legal announcements journal and then the announcement published in BODACC.

You will thus be able to lodge an opposition within 10 days with the receiver and obtain reimbursement of the sums due subject to the liabilities.

The information is compiled from public and private sources. They cover 100% of the French territory and nearly 16 million companies.

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