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Apostilles, legislation and translations

Apostille and Legislation

  • When you have to present a document in another country to a notary, a bank, an administration, an employer, a university... The recipient must be certain that the document is authentic.
  • To authenticate the signatures, stamps & seals, it is necessary to legalize, either by a simplified procedure called "Apostille" for the countries adhering to the Hague Convention, or by the services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then by the consular services of the countries to which the document is addressed.

Certification of documents

Some documents cannot be legalized or receive the apostille on the original. This is the case of diplomas, quality certificates, passports... which can be altered by mentions or overloads.

In this case, we take care of the certification of an official copy which will be apostilled or legalized.

Official translation by expert translators before the Court of Appeal

The documents that need to be translated are entrusted to expert translators approved by the Courts of Appeal, who alone are capable of delivering official translations. We provide this service in most languages.

Types of translations

  • Commercial, legal or administrative documents (KBIS, contract, notarial deed, etc.)
  • Civil status documents (passport, identity card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • Translations of diplomas (diploma, transcript, baccalaureate, etc.)
  • Legal translations (will, divorce judgment, criminal record, etc.)

The documents are secured by registered mail or by UPS.

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