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Any company whatsoever must manage its customer credit and it is extremely surprising to note that this elementary prudence remains the prerogative of very small companies.

Do we not see in certain bars and other brasseries signs bearing the words "The house does not give credit".

As soon as the company grows, this basic principle of popular wisdom is thrown away so as not to thwart the aggressive and expansionist commercial policy that must be carried out to maintain or develop market share.

But where the cafe owner has understood that there is no point in serving balloons if they are not paid to him, the business owner does not imagine for a single minute that he could not be paid by his customers. .

Some people are even convinced that the company "does not extend credit" and only grants payment terms, as if it were not exactly the same thing.

And yet, 45% of receiverships or court-ordered liquidations were caused by unpaid customers.

2013 was a black year in terms of the number of insolvency proceedings (60,000) and the economic slump implies de facto a lowering of vigilance on the part of managers anxious to maintain a certain level of turnover.

Let's not even talk about the margin!!.

2R CONSEIL, with 20 years of experience in Credit Management, wanted to offer you a whole range of services aimed at the prevention and protection of your client position while leaving you free in your choices.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly to share your comments or suggestions, they will be invaluable to me in continuing to satisfy our many customers.

Jean-Francois MALLOZZI
Manager of 2R CONSEIL

2R CONSEIL is part of FIGEC (National Federation of business information, debt management and civil investigation)

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