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What is your customer file worth ?

Is your customer base up to date?

2R Conseil offers you 3 new services to qualify your files, improve their quality and thus allow you to keep a reliable and up-to-date database.

What issues should these services address ?

  • I need to buy a business. What is the real solvency of the remaining customers? debt obligations to the company?
  • My client file is used by different departments to send mailings. How much do non-delivery returns cost me?
  • Each year, I integrate new clients without being sure of their solvency. They are added to those of previous years. Am I sure that there are no duplicates and is it useful to keep files on companies that no longer exist?

About 2R Conseil

  1. Audit and report : Send us your file with a Siret number per customer (mandatory). We carry out a complete audit and send you a detailed report
  2. Deduplication : Remove all inaccuracies and duplicates
  3. Enrich : Once the analysis has been carried out, we can enrich them with a lot of additional data (score, leaders, telephone, naf code, etc.)
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