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Externalisation - Clients' dunning

Entrust us with the follow-up of your customer invoices to gain serenity and image

2R CONSEIL, a collection professional, favors this service for VSEs/SMEs as the impact of unpaid debts and lack of cash can quickly lead to serious financial difficulties. It should not be forgotten that one in four collective proceedings is due to an unpaid customer.

The decrease in commercial margins and late payments degrade your cash flow and threaten the financial balance of your company. Collecting debts on time and securing assets by internal or external means has become a high priority for companies.

Our common goal

The reminder of customers and invoices aims to remind your debtors of the payment terms so that you can concentrate on your activity. We relaunch all or part of your customer outstandings in order to speed up your collections while detecting and qualifying any disputes that very often block payments.

You wish :

  • Save time and resources
  • Use this time for high value-added projects
  • Securing the payment of your invoices
  • Never worry about late payments
  • Improve your cash flow and your financial balance
  • Preserve your customer relationship by involving a third party

Our service

You entrust us with your aged balance with, if possible, access to copies of invoices. The reminder mail templates are submitted to you for validation and several reminder scenarios are possible depending on the objectives to be achieved.

We offer you a turnkey solution to help you achieve your collection goals.

The commitment is fixed calculated according to the number of customers to follow up.

No commission is due on the collections made, ensuring the creditor a perfect control of the cost of the operation.


Our intervention can be annualized or only in One shot mode.

Outsourcing debt collection allows you to:

  • You refocus on your real job
  • Recover your debts as soon as possible
  • Obtain the reasons for any disputes
  • Be firm with your debtors
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